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The Pogo Spot

Meet...Captain Oblivious!





Captain Oblivious was the human son of a TV and an electric eel, though no one can tell the difference.  His first words were, "Huh?" and "What?"  He loves Mountain Dew and is allergic to pizza.  One day he was looking at the crawdad exhibit in his local museum when he saw Dcool, The Cube, Pogo Bub, Fin, Mr. Cuvav, Handlebar, Desaskin and Gumbyecca walking in with their pogo sticks. Our Captain was intrigued by the fiendish devices, so he said: "Huh?" (translated: "What are those intriguing fiendish devices?") Dcool and The Cube explained, and without warning, The Captain grabbed Dcool's pogo and started bouncing away on it.


It took 3 days and 3.14 nights for The Pogo Squad to find Captain Oblivious, and when they finally found him he had learned 10 new tricks and was arguing about the price of a pogo with a guy at Toys R Us. The Captain had learned 5 new words in the 3 days and 3.14 nights, and he was using them to get the pogo. "Give me the #@$% pogo!!!" he shouted.  Eventually the Toys R Us guy was swayed by the Captain's impressive vocabulary and the Captain got the pogo.   Soon Captain Oblivious learned English and joined the Pogo Squad...though "What?" and "Huh?" are still in his immediate vocabulary.


Captain Oblivious has a Gravity Games pogo stick and a Flybar. His favorite trick is the Body Wrap. He hopes to someday land a 540 peg stall.